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As a merchant, handling business payments, managing vendor relationships, and dealing with accounting software can take more of your time than it should. Oftentimes you may find yourself hopping between systems to pay invoices or upload payments to your accounting software. That time spent on administrative work adds up and takes you away from what’s important: growing your business.

That’s why we built Shopify Bill Pay powered by Melio, a fully-integrated business payments tool that helps you easily pay invoices without leaving your Shopify admin.

What is Shopify Bill Pay?

Shopify Bill Pay is a business payments app that lets you easily schedule, pay, and manage your business invoices from your business admin.

With Shopify Bill Pay, you can keep track of all your vendors, suppliers, and contractors in one place. Regardless of your payment method, you can let vendors decide if they want to receive funds by check or bank transfer.

Now, you can save time paying your business bills and stay on top of your cash flow all from Shopify. And the best part? There are no signup or subscription fees.

Based on interviews conducted by Melio, merchants using Shopify Bill Pay save 16 hours per month on average paying business bills.

What are the benefits of Shopify Bill Pay?

Everyone pays and gets paid their way

If your vendor only accepts checks, that’s okay. With Shopify Bill Pay, you can pay via Shopify Balance, credit or debit card, or ACH bank transfer, and vendors can receive payments through ACH bank transfer, paper checks, or international wire transfers. This flexibility strengthens vendor relationships while ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

Vendor payment delivery methods

Pay vendors worldwide

Geography shouldn’t keep you from working with the best vendors and suppliers in the industry. Shopify Bill Pay lets you pay vendors worldwide without any complicated workarounds. This allows you to form relationships with vendors outside of the US and manage everything from the same place.

Stay on top or your invoices 

Misplacing or losing track of your bills can result in missed deadlines and late fees. To ensure you keep tabs on all your bills, you and your vendors can send invoices to your dedicated email address.

Shopify Bill Pay will automatically populate your Pay Inbox with invoices for your review. All your invoices are centralized in one place, organized, and ready for you to schedule payment.

How Shopify Bill Pay works

The first time you pay a vendor through Shopify Bill Pay, your payment preferences will be stored for future use.  You can change these preferences at any time.

If you’re paying a vendor for the first time, you’ll quickly add the vendor’s details to process payment. After that, their details will be saved for future payments—and your vendors don’t even need to sign up.



Paying business bills with Shopify Bill Pay is straightforward. For a step-by-step walkthrough, visit our Help Center.

Tips to get the most out of Shopify Bill Pay 

1. Use your credit card to earn rewards and cash back

With Shopify Bill Pay, you can pay all your bills by card and earn rewards and cashback in the process—even when credit isn’t an accepted payment method. Along with racking up points, paying by card is secure, gives you cash flow flexibility, and can have faster payment processing times than alternative payment methods.

2. Use payment scheduling to never miss a payment 

Shopify Bill pay lets you schedule when payments go out so you can pay as close to the due date as possible. This ensures your vendors get paid on time while you avoid early payment cash flow issues or incurring late fees. In addition to maintaining strong vendor relationships, this may result in more favorable terms in the future.

3. Sync to QuickBooks® Online for seamless workflow and reconciliation 

To keep your accounts up to date and reduce manual administrative tasks, try syncing Shopify Bill Pay with your QuickBooks® Online account.

Vendor details and all of your unpaid, scheduled, and paid bills from Shopify Bill Pay will appear in your QuickBooks Online® account. This adds up to big time savings and fewer mistakes resulting from manual entries.

4. Pay bills with Shopify Balance to avoid transaction fees 

Want to save on transaction fees? Try using Shopify Balance to pay any business from Shopify admin.

Shopify Bill Pay payment methods

You can use Shopify Balance to pay any business bills—utilities, rent, contracted work, purchase orders, and more. Plus, your vendors can still receive payments via check or ACH bank transfer.

💡 TIP: Using Shopify Balance to pay business bills also helps you take full advantage of its benefits, including cash back rewards, exclusive perks, and more.

Pay any business, any way you want today

Shopify Bill Pay helps you save time on paying bills and stay on top of your cash flow without having to juggle between multiple tools. It’s free to install, and there are no signup or subscription fees. Spend less time on administration and focus on what matters most: your customers, your products, and growing your business.

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