Connecting Shopify to eBay

An omnichannel approach to selling can help your brand reach more customers in more places. If you already run a Shopify store, layering on a marketplace like eBay can improve customer acquisition and drive sales. That’s because you’re showing up in search results where your target customer is already hanging out.

If eBay is the right fit for your products, consider adding this sales channel to your mix. Ahead, understand how you can integrate your Shopify store and eBay account to sync inventory and manage eBay orders more efficiently through Shopify.

Connecting your Shopify store to your eBay account

Several third-party apps help you integrate your eBay account with your Shopify store. These apps, available in the Shopify App Store, all differ slightly but offer some of the following benefits:

  • Real-time syncing of inventory and sales
  • Consolidation of inventory and order management processes between Shopify and eBay
  • Exposure to more potential customers on eBay’s global marketplace
  • Automation and bulk import features to save time
  • Single app access to multiple marketplaces and online selling sites to integrate with your Shopify store
  • Access to global eBay marketplaces with unique customers in each region

Shopify eBay integration apps

Browse these apps to compare features, prices, and benefits. Choose the best one to connect your Shopify store to the eBay sales channel.

1. CedCommerce eBay Integration

Screengrab of CED Commerce eBay app featuresCedCommerce is a bulk listing tool that allows Shopify store owners to manage their inventory and sales across both their online store and the eBay marketplace. The app’s features include the capability to import eBay listings into Shopify, to sync fulfillment details between Shopify and your eBay store, and more.

Cost: Free to $79/month, depending on plan

Noteworthy 5 ⭐ review: “I have had a great experience with the app and the customer service is excellent. I am new to selling on eBay but putting products from my store to eBay is easy.” —Reeves Fitness

Key features: 

  • Add up to 50 products per month with the free plan
  • Use the bulk product upload feature to automate workflow
  • Sync inventory across Shopify and eBay in real time
  • Create and apply templates to efficiently add listings
  • Connect multiple eBay accounts to the app

2. Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart

Demo showing Codisto eBay Shopify app featuresConvert your Shopify store into an omnichannel platform with Codisto’s automation features that sync with popular online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Google, and Walmart.

Cost: $29 to $249 per month, depending on plan

Noteworthy 5 ⭐ review: “In addition to their excellent customer support, the eBay integration on Codisto is top-notch. It’s easy to use and navigate, and it seamlessly integrates my store with eBay. I found the platform to be very user-friendly, and it made the entire process of selling on eBay a breeze.” —Moto Planet

Key features: 

  • Connect eBay and other marketplaces with one app
  • Sell globally with automated currency conversion
  • Use bulk listing features to create new listings or link existing ones
  • Sync inventory, orders, pricing, and product details in real time
  • Manage eBay orders directly from Shopify
  • Choose from several tiered plans depending on your brand’s needs

3. Professional Importer For eBay

Demo of Professional importer tool for Shopify and eBayProfessional Importer for eBay enables store owners to easily import eBay listings into Shopify with just a few clicks. Automatically import all active listings from your eBay account to your Shopify store, including images and variants.

Cost: Free to $60/month, depending on plan

Noteworthy 5 ⭐ review: “I have used the app to manage the inventory from my existing eBay store and it has proved to be a convenient tool for updating prices and listings into Shopify.” —Soul Fashion

Key features: 

  • Synchronize inventory and prices between the eBay channel and Shopify
  • Fetch all eBay listings and import them in bulk
  • Set up a workflow to import any new products automatically
  • Try the free plan to test the app without risk

4. OneEtsy: eBay Etsy Integration

Screengrab demonstrating the features of the OneEtsy eBay and Shopify appOneEtsy can sync your Shopify products to multiple Etsy and eBay stores in a few clicks—no coding required. The app automatically modifies Shopify product data to comply with Etsy and eBay guidelines before importing, saving time and avoiding errors.

Cost: Free to $199/month, depending on plan

Noteworthy 5 ⭐ review: “Amazing, instant and helpful assistance from the technical team. Made this process super easy for a non techie like myself. Highly recommend it.” —Lemon Sage Soapery

Key features: 

  • Sync products in your Shopify store with multiple eBay stores
  • Auto-modify data before sync to meet eBay requirements
  • Map Shopify attributes to corresponding eBay attributes
  • Link both your eBay store and Etsy shop to Shopify in one app

Integrate Shopify and eBay for more reach

Using a third-party app to integrate sales channels is a great way for online sellers to maximize reach—and minimize friction. Syncing your Shopify store with the eBay channel can automate tedious processes and give you a snapshot of your entire business. That means you can spend less time in the weeds and more time growing your brand.

Shopify eBay integration FAQ

How do I import my eBay listings into my Shopify store?

You can import eBay listings into your Shopify store using a partner app from the Shopify App Store. There are several apps that integrate with Shopify and your eBay seller account to sync inventory and orders. These eBay Shopify apps offer the ability to bulk import eBay orders and listings with a few clicks. Many also offer automation that minimizes friction for online sellers by auto-importing and syncing listings.

Is there an eBay app that syncs with Shopify?

There are several apps that connect your eBay account to your Shopify store to manage orders and inventory between the two sales channels. The app that’s best for your business depends on your needs and budget. Do you need it to import orders or offer real time sync? Are you looking for a free app to test selling on eBay with Shopify? Compare features and plans of each app for the best fit.

What are the benefits of integrating my Shopify store with my eBay account?

When you integrate your Shopify store and your eBay account, you get more brand exposure across multiple sales channels. Widen your reach by selling your products both through your own store and eBay marketplaces globally. This omnichannel approach can give your business instant exposure to new audiences and potential customers.

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