We know how to lose weight without harm to your health!

The cedar barrel is unique in that you experience the same sensations as in the bath, but the temperature in the barrel does not exceed 50 degrees, and the heart and brain vessels do not tense at all. You are relaxed and do not feel any discomfort, as while the whole body is soared in the barrel, the head is outside and you breathe normal air.

The standard procedure lasts about an hour. 20 minutes steaming in a barrel. After that, the client proceeds to the second part of the procedure, thermal wrapping. A special herbal balm is applied to the steamed body, which is very quickly absorbed by already prepared skin. The client is wrapped in a thermo-cocoon and rests for about 30 minutes with pleasant music.

After the steam in the phyto barrel, all the pores are open and the skin of the person is ready to absorb all the useful products that will be applied to it, like a sponge, the client is best prepared for any subsequent procedures, be it scrubbing, wrapping or massage. That is why Cedar Phyto Sauna is a preparatory stage in almost all SPA complexes.

In the human body the processes of synthesis and decay are constantly taking place. If a person moves a little, feeds improperly, then lipid synthesis processes will always prevail over their breakdown. «Excess» fats are deposited on the walls of blood vessels, between the muscle fibers, but most of them in the subcutaneous fat. It is to combat subcutaneous deposits and lipolytic drugs were invented.

With the help of injections, a preparation is administered under the skin, the action of which is aimed at reducing fat and cells and removing excess fat from the body through the lymphatic and circulatory system.

There are various types of drugs aimed only at eliminating fat deposits, or with drainage action, as well as drugs that improve skin elasticity and tone.

Selection of drugs is carried out by a cosmetologist after examining the problem areas of the client.

The recommended number of procedures is 4-6, with a periodicity of 10-14 days.


FIRST STAGE: Nutrition program for cleansing the body and starting in metabolic processes.

Within 14 days, the client complies with an individually developed meal plan. Thus prepares your body to cleanse and lose weight.

SECOND STAGE: detox procedure.

Continuing to eat in accordance with the recommendations of a nutritionist, the client begins to visit the procedures, every other day, within 10 days. Procedures whose goal is to eliminate edema, strengthen and protect the capillary network.

  • Phyto barrel
  • DETOX wrap
  • Pressotherapy

THIRD STAGE: Slimming and working on skin quality.

A nutritionist changes the diet plan, in accordance with the needs of the client.

What could be better than the time spent next to the dear person, and the time spent in the spa is not only pleasant, but also useful leisure. A spa for two is an opportunity to take your soul mate, sister or girlfriend with you.

Peeling, provides deep cleansing, allows you to remove a layer of dead cells from the skin, prepares the skin for the subsequent application and absorption of wraps. Peeling tightens, models, improves blood circulation and rejuvenates. Due to the lipolytic action of caffeine, this peeling is suitable for anti-cellulite programs. It also removes excess moisture from the fabric. During the peeling procedure, a pleasant aroma is immediately felt.

Wrapping — gives you bliss and relaxation. Nourishes the skin with nutrients, making it soft and supple.

Massage. Eliminates fatigue, restores emotional balance and stimulates the production of endorphin — the hormone of happiness. The duration of the SPA program may vary, depending on the time the client is in the cedar barrel (from 10-20 minutes) and wrapping (from 20-40 minutes). ). Going through these procedures, the client relies on his well-being, personal feelings and preferences.

About us

“Balance” has been operating since 2010, during which time the range of procedures and the number of regular customers has increased significantly. The idea of ​​creating a studio was to create a place in Nikolaev “for our own people”, a place in which the client would not feel like a client, but was an important guest in our hospitable studio. The main principle in our work is to relax the client during the passage of procedures, visits to the procedures are carried out by appointment, which is conducted in such a way that there would be no linings, fuss, and noise in the cabin — a quiet unhurried atmosphere. After all, the purpose of the procedures that we offer is relaxation and a positive result. During the procedures, pleasant calm music plays, and after the procedure, you will be offered herbal tea.

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