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We are a manufacturer of high quality foam weapons for LARPing. Our products are available on our webstore and within many LARP retailer’s stores. We make LARP swords, axes, maces, hammers, pole weapons and much more. We also offer a large selection of armors and accessories.


Calimacil Gold is one of the ways we wish to recognize your ongoing support through all these years. We appreciate your trust and we wish to return the favour in our very special way. If you haven’t done so already, open your account. Whenever you make purchases, your Calimacil account will be credited with Calimacil Gold. You will receive one Calimacil gold for every Canadian Dollar value spent on items on our website. With this gold, you’ll obtain sognificant rebates toward your next purchase of Calimacil LARP weapons, armours, costumes or accessories. Better yet, if you accumulate enough, you’ll be able to obtain free products!

If you like us, let it know around you! Invite your friends to visit our site by sharing them a 5% discount coupon. You’ll be rewarded with 50 golds (worth 5$) when your friend makes his first purchase.

In addition to his 5% discount, your friend will also receive the 10% return in golds explained above. Isn’t that wonderful?






About Us

Our Company Founded in 2004 in the cold windswept plains of eastern Canada, Calimacil set out from its inception to become a world-class supplier of high-end LARP and historical re-enactment foam weapons. Our lavishly decorated designs are inspired by the martial lore of history, legends and stories taken directly from the dreamscapes of heroic fantasy. Our products are manufactured by an eager band of artisans made of passionate LARP players, martial arts practitioners and hardcore gamers. Playing is a fundamental part of the company’s ethos as it focuses our creative energies and drives us to create new exciting weapons models. Our Products Extensively researched and tested, Calimacil’s designs have reached unmatched heights of sturdiness, flexibility and safety. Made of detailed, high-impact foam, they are the alternative of choice to latex and homemade weapons. Their unsurpassed quality makes our weapons very resistant to shock, torsion and tear. Tested in extreme weather, they are perfectly suited to sustain countless battles. Calimacil is also focused on providing the highest levels of customization available on the market. We want you to create the sword you want through a whole series of options you can pick from, creating a product that meets your every needs. Our Community Beyond our product lines, we support an ever-growing community of fans that share our passion for LARP weapons. We want to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion. Our Mission We want to bring your wildest creative dreams into tangible realities through a never-ending search for innovative ideas and practical solutions; offer you great customization options and foster a strong and vibrant community for our beloved hobby. For us, building the best weapon is a game we are mastering and we’re never giving up. Come and play with us!

In this project, we realized the development of a first-class store based on the E-Commerce platform of Shopify.


The code is clean and beautiful. We check every line of our code for its validity and purity. Clean and accessible code is the key to the long life of any project.


The project has been tested on all available platforms. The project cannot be considered completed until a deep QA analysis has been made.

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The project is fully adaptive and meets the highest standards of UX / UI. We test on real devices.





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