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I grew up in Brighton Michigan and was a 1985 Brighton High School graduate. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University in Chemistry and Biology in 1989. Following my undergraduate studies, I attended The University of Michigan School of Dentistry and graduated in 1993. After getting my DDS degree I worked part time at the U of M School of Dentistry as an Adjunct Lecturer for 3 years as well as starting my private practice. I have been practicing dentistry happily in Whitmore Lake. I continually take courses in restorative dentistry, periodontal therapy, dental pharmacology, pediatric updates, oral health and pathology as well as literature reviews to stay current. On a personal note, I have been married to my loving bride for almost 30 years. I have three adult children that have graduated from college with varying degrees. My interests are simple as well… they include reading, running, biking and swimming. I have completed four Ironman Distance triathlons and am currently training for number five. Most recently I have been involved with Bullmastiff Rescuers Inc… “Helping to change lives four paws at a time”.

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Cristopher Price, D.D.S.



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Welcome to our office. My name is Chris Price and I have been proudly serving the community and surrounding areas from the same location for 25 years.

My goal is to provide quality affordable care in a stress-free environment that I would be pleased to put my name on. My name is my business name and my reputation. Everything I do I will proudly stand behind.

My family of patients are treated as such. Our doctor/patient relationship evolves into a trusting friendly rapport in no time at all.

My goal is to have you leave our office feeling good about yourself, your teeth and your dental experience.


On your first visit we will do a thorough medical history review, dental history review, oral and radiographic examination. Together, we will come up with a plan to bring your oral health up to full form and function. If you are coming in on an emergency we will focus on your ‘chief complaint’ and get you comfortable quickly as possible.

Please print and fill out the available health history and bring it with you to your first appointment. If you are unable to do so we will mail a copy to you, OR you can arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and fill it out here. Please bring in a list of ALL medications you are currently taking. A thorough understanding of a patient’s medical history is important for your safety and wellbeing.

For patients with dental insurance please read and understand the insurance section. We can only work with the information you provide.


Dr. Price has been our dentist since 1998 and we are more than satisfied with him and his staff. He not only provides exceptional dental care but also performs the actual cleaning of your teeth and is attentive to any cares or concerns you may have. His staff is friendly, courteous, and always willing to accommodate you whether it be with appointments, insurance questions, billing or any other need you may have. We continue to strongly recommend him to all who are looking for excellent dental care .

I would highly recommend Dr. Price as a dentist due to his excellent dental work and the excellence of his staff. He has an office that makes you feel at home and where you know that you will be well taken care of. Our family of eight has been going to Dr. Price for over 17 years. To give you an idea of of how excellent we think his dental care is, my now grown children that live in Mississippi and Virginia still try to schedule their dental appointments here in Whitmore Lake. I personally have 8 crowns. I can tell you that he has done a great job on crowns and in so far as possible he minimizes the pain. Which for me is a big deal since I am allergic to a lot of medicines and I have my crowns done without any pain control medication. Dr. Price is also attentive to changes in your mouth. On more than one occasion, he caught some out of the ordinary things that were occurring in my children’s mouths. Dr. Price has been a great dentist who also has helped us during those emergency times when a tooth cracks or a filling comes out. He does what he can to help his patients. Having Dr. Price as your dentist is great!