Compression clothes


Enerskin created the first high-tech compression silicone-taping hybrid with U.S. patented technology.

Typical compression sleeves serve as a thin layer of protection that stabilizes muscle vibrations. Enerskin, on the other hand, maximizes the benefits of compression wear by utilizing elastic, therapeutic taping to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and joints for superior performance. Our products reduce the risk of common sports-related injuries.


We recommend applying 100% ALOE VERA GEL before wearing Enerskin. It isn’t necessary, but friction on dry skin can lead to rashes or blisters. Our Enerskin silicone tends to absorb water and lotion.Provide 30-20 mmHg of graduated compression combined with Kinesiology muscle mapped tapping to enhance your performance and recovery.

Graduated compression increases blood circulation, which helps reduce lactic acid buildup.Kinesiology muscle mapped tapping supports muscles and joints and reduces muscle vibration.Infused with Germanium 23, which helps warm the muscles quickly to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, swelling, and fatigue.

ENERflex fabric is breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and durable.



  • — Wash the Product with taping on the inside
  • — Wash the Product individually
  • — Hand wash only using warm water
  • — Always wash the product after every use
  • — To disinfect the product. drop 5-6 drops of vinegar and soak the product for 30 minutes.
  • — Do not twist the product to remove excess water
  • — Let the Product air dry
  • — Do not use detergent

Wear Enerskin silicone side in during exercise. Wear it silicone side out during recovery.

Slippage may be due to a few factors. First, ensure the top seam is wrinkle free around the entire circumference of the sleeve, especially in the back (this is where slippage tends to occur). If you put it on while sitting, stand and make sure sure all areas are adhering.

If your skin tends to be dry, slippage may occur more frequently. The more you sweat, the better the silicone taping grips your skin. Before you put the product on, try applying aloe or dab some water on the area where the silicone is slipping.

If you wear Enerskin short tights and knee sleeves, wearing the shorts on the top of the knee sleeves will prevent slippage. If not, bike shorts can be used in the same way to keep your knee sleeves from falling.

Enerskin sleeves can be customized by cutting between the lines of the sleeve top to adjust the overall size. The sleeve will still compress due to its double-seamed pattern. However, products that have been cut cannot be returned.

When wearing the sleeve silicone side out, we recommend folding the silicone at the top of the sleeve in. The taping will help prevent slippage.

First time users should try wearing Enerskin products silicone side out to allow their sleeves to adjust to their body contours. This stretches the taping so that it fits better when worn silicone side in.


All compression garments (such as swimsuits, elastic clothing, underwear, etc.) stretch over time and lose some of their elasticity. However, with our unique fabric ENERFLEX®, Enerskin has a much longer lifespan and is 5-10x more durable than competing compression gear. To preserve the integrity of Enerskin silicone and ENERFLEX® fabric, we recommend hand-washing our products. Use lukewarm water and scrub the fabric gently. Once washed, products should air dry in the shade silicone side out. We do NOT recommend using soap or detergent when washing our products.

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