What we believe in

We are creative and innovative. We are loyal and create long-term partnerships, where we work together towards a successful outcome. Trust, honesty, cooperation and reliability are the hallmark of INFININNOVATION.

We join forces with investors, financial institutions and technical partners in the development and execution of innovative solutions, green buildings and sustainable communities. We develop cost-effective solutions adding significant value to our projects, in terms of long-term economic and environmental benefits, while the incremental costs are comparatively modest.

We are innovative thinkers with a background in architecture, engineering, finance, manufacturing, and large-scale turn-key project management with presence in the Americas and Europe supported by world-class companies.

We align the needs of investors and developers with the best technology to bring unique cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We combine economic benefit while enhancing health and quality of life.

By partnering with INFININNOVATION you have access to cost-effective technology solutions. In addition, the adoption of rating standards such as LEED, WELL and DGNB among others, provide valuable references to grow your market share in the Green Building market space.

Our markets are new green buildings and community development projects. We focus on cost effective intelligent water processing and treatment technology, cutting edge clean energy and efficient waste management. We combine these with new breakthrough technology or the co called “disruptive technology and processes” such as off-site construction, and with innovative raw materials. The end result is cost efficiency and long-term savings in an eco-friendly environment.

We assist in the design, adoption and deployment of micro-grids and on-site decentralized energy generation. Projects generate enough clean and cost-efficient energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal, among others for their own consumption or for sale to the grid. The balance of energy generated is stored for night consumption and/or distributed to the grid. This approach ensures not only a resilient community but also a positive ecological impact. As important, it represents cost efficiency, savings and even positive revenue streams.

Partnering with reputable companies, we provide sustainable and cost-effective customized solutions for water management, including potable and wastewater processing for communities, industrial applications, commercial and municipal services.

We reduce the high cost of procurement by consolidating building materials sources. In addition, when dealing in different countries and currencies, we can help mitigate foreign exchange risks and ease language barriers. Partnering with best-in-class experienced innovative companies, we are your ideal source for cost-effective deliveries of materials and energy efficient equipment.

We provide sanitary equipment, kitchen cabinetry, lighting and electrical, flooring and cladding insulation, BIPV, smart glass, and high-performance building envelope materials, which are unique and differentiating factors that ensure the highest quality, sustainability and resilience of ours and your product. In addition, high oxygen quality for A/C systems delivered at a competitive cost along with size and energy-efficient HVAC are further enhancements of a cost-efficient green building project or community.

About Us

We create new opportunities for discerning investors and developers to identify, integrate, and adopt holistic sustainable and resilient solutions to accelerate the adoption of technology and enhance health, comfort, safety and quality of life of every inhabitant in their living environment.

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