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Preserved Roses

When it comes to packages, your choice is nearly limitless, too. Our acrylic box displays your roses for all to see. The jewelry box style nestles our long-lasting roses as richly as the most precious jewels. The paper boxes evoke days of old, when it was common to adorn oneself with elegant chapeaux that arrived in equally elegant boxes.

In addition, you can have us deliver Le Jardin Infini roses to you so that you may give them in person, or send them directly to your recipient as a complete surprise. All in all, whatever you choose, know that those receiving your Le Jardin Infini gift will experience a beautiful expression and presentation of what you intend.

Le Jardin Infini means “the infinite garden” and, in addition to roses that last infinitely longer, we offer you a near-infinite selection of colors and packaging, enabling you to give something truly unique.

You’ll find a wide variety of hues to select from, so you can craft the perfect look. If you like, we’ll include a note about the color meaning to ensure you’re understood.

You can also include a personal note in your choice of greeting card, so you can speak directly from the heart.

Throughout the world, the rose has come to mean everything from innocence to intrigue, purity to passion, friendship to fascination, and new love to eternal longing.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is often depicted with roses. Mythology of India says that Vishnu formed his bride from rose petals.

And in 19th century Europe, rose bouquets communicated messages of love, lust and devotion.

The rose stands as a symbol in the world’s greatest love poems and works of art. Yet the bloom itself has been fleeting and fragile. Until now.


Preserved roses are real roses that last up to a year. They were picked at their perfect bloom and dipped into a non-toxic formula to preserve their natural beauty all year long. Our preserved roses last up to a year. Many customers have even said that with proper care they have been able to make their arrangements last well over a year. We suggest that you keep them away from intense sunlight, heat, and moisture to help preserve their longevity.These lasting blooms require no maintenance whatsoever. They may benefit from a light dusting occasionally.

In this project, we realized the development of a first-class store based on the E-Commerce platform of Shopify.


The code is clean and beautiful. We check every line of our code for its validity and purity. Clean and accessible code is the key to the long life of any project.


The project has been tested on all available platforms. The project cannot be considered completed until a deep QA analysis has been made.

Cross-browser compatibility

The project passed the test and was brought to the state of pixel perfect on all browsers on the Desktop and Mobile devices.

Mobile friendly

The project is fully adaptive and meets the highest standards of UX / UI. We test on real devices.



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