Martone Cycling Company is a fashion-forward and design–driven bike company.

Martone Cycling Company is a fashion and design driven company. Our bikes are bold statements of personal style, created with passion and accented with our signature red chain. WE BELIEVE that if you’re like us, you always have a little too much on hand. That’s why we’ve designed an integrated handlebar basket to carry your everyday necessities while bringing style back to commuting. A bike that looks as good as it rides? There’s more than meets the eye with Martone. Welcome to a new world of cycling that suits your style.

Built with comfort in mind, our bikes feature an ergonomic design with 12″ wide leather seats and strong, lightweight frames engineered for secure and sporty handling.
Sleek and distinctive, our bikes stand out with bold colors and thoughtful accents like our signature red chain. Our elegant and photogenic designs have made us a favorite of tastemakers and style icons worldwide.
Manufactured with top quality materials and extraordinary attention to detail, our bikes are built to last. We offer a 1 year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Our bikes feature a Sturmey Archer 3 gear waterproof hub for seamless transitions across a wide range of urban terrain.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to replace your bike with a brand new one or offer you a full refund. The goal of our corporate partnership program is to create meaningful and memorable collaborations with like minded and socially conscious brands. We’ll work together to create the perfect program to maximize branding opportunities and deliver the most value to your customers, with your custom-designed bikes serving as a centerpiece. Wether you hope to outfit your business with fleet of branded commuter bikes, add value to an existing product suite, or implement a unique new marketing program to engage new customers, we’ll gladly develop a fully customized solution from the ground up to fit your unique needs.



Citroën turned to Martone Cycling to fully realize its vision of an active outdoor lifestyle with a chic French twist. Consequently, we designed the «Rider» bicycle as a comfortable, elegant, and sustainable mobility tool. The bikes feature the same color scheme as the concept vehicles which they accompany. Launched at the 2019 Geneva Auto show, the SpaceTourer Citroënist concept features two sleek black-and-white Martone bikes with Citröenist branding and our signature red chain.



The collaboration with Peroni required that we capture the warm, relaxed, carefree atmosphere of summers in Italy with a bold, eye-catching bike in Peroni’s signature colors. Our bikes were chosen as the foundation for the partnership because Martone Cycles reflect the quality craftsmanship, passion and flair that also represent the Peroni brand. The final product included the integrated handlebar basket, which is perfect for a trip to the farmer’s market and can easily fit a six-pack of Peroni.



Drawing inspiration from the Amazon rainforest, this one of a kind bicycle was created to underscore our shared commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Called «The Invisible Bike,» this unique bike was covered in green foliage and moss. It was put on display at the Brazil Foundation Gala, held at the Lincoln Center in New York City. The goal, which was successfully accomplished through the partnership, was to raise funds via charity auction and bring awareness to the cause at hand.

About Us

My happiest childhood memory is from Christmas 1985. Santa walked in, carrying this huge red bag with my very first bike inside. All year I’d been writing letters to the North Pole, but getting the bike I’d wished for was almost too much to believe. For many years that bike was my best friend. I named her “Fina” (Portuguese for skinny) and gave her a special room in my parents’ house for proper “rest.” I was obsessed with Fina, almost as if I knew making bikes would become my career 28 years later. I am not only a designer, but also a citizen of the world. Each one of us should be aware of the dramatic and detrimental effect oil is having on our planet. My hope as a designer in this industry is to inspire and educate people that every drop of oil saved counts. Biking is a personal commitment every rider can make for a cleaner, brighter future for us all. 

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