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Over 10 years helping to diagnose and treat diseases

Optomedservice-Plus company repairs medical equipment of any complexity on high-tech precision digital equipment. The work is carried out by qualified specialists who regularly undergo training to work with new models and types of medical equipment.

The main clients of the company are hospitals, clinics, private medical centers, sanatoriums, health complexes and beauty salons.

The company also provides repair services for small medical equipment that is used at home. In particular, you can contact here if you need repair of inhalers, repair of blood pressure monitors, analog or electronic devices.


Regular eye examination is the basis of eye health throughout life. As in other areas of medicine, timely detection of a problem can greatly facilitate its resolution. In addition, the modern capabilities of ophthalmology make it quite easy to correct the vision.

A person without significant eye problems should undergo an examination twice a year.

A vision check at the Optomedservice Plus center implies a comprehensive examination of all visual functions and the physical condition of the eyeball.

Here you can diagnose the entire spectrum of eye diseases on modern high-tech equipment.


Optomedservice-Plus offers medical equipment for the rehabilitation of people with special needs, people with disabilities, children with cerebral palsy, adults and children who have suffered injuries. The company is located in Nikolaev and has a wide range of devices that will facilitate everyday life for people with disabilities.

Depending on the type of injury or illness, there is equipment for rehabilitation, which can be used at home in the home and on the street, in public places and transport.

The company also offers equipment for rehabilitation centers, clinics, halls that specialize in supporting and restoring disabled people. as well as children with cerebral palsy. In the range available verticalizers, handrails, wheelchairs, canes, walkers, lifts, special mattresses and pillows, supports from proven global manufacturers, which guarantee comfort and safety.

At Optomedservice Plus, you can order tailoring of medical clothing for hospitals, private and public clinics, dentistry, sanatoriums, health centers, beauty salons and massages, as well as other institutions where medical personnel are supposed to work. Since the work of physicians is often mobile and requires full movement , medical clothing should be as comfortable as possible and not hamper movements.

A medical gown should be made of high-quality fabric that does not crumple, stretch, or distribute. Thus, the robe will look neat even at the end of a hard day. At Optomedservice Plus, you can order a medical suit of any style, size, with or without trim, with elements and inserts of a certain color, especially if it is a corporate order for an institution in which the staff dresses in the same style.

The company Optomedservice Plus offers modern technological solutions to implement hearing prosthetics or selection of hearing aids. Today, almost any problem with hearing can be solved using devices of various types, equipped with functions of precise sound recognition, noise reduction and adaptation to individual human needs.

In order to restore ear functions as much as possible, professional and precise selection of hearing aids is necessary. In Nikolaev, this service is provided by the specialized center for the selection of hearing aids of the Optomedservice-Plus company. Here you can choose an in-ear hearing aid, zaushny and pocket. There are digital and analog options.

About Us

The production and trading company Optomedservice-Plus specializes in servicing medical institutions, repairing medical equipment and selling certified medical equipment. High-quality and modern medical equipment in Nikolaev comes directly from leading global companies. Optomedservice Plus is the official representative of the best manufacturers of medical equipment that have established themselves on the European market for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Therefore, all the medical equipment that our company supplies is characterized by a long service life, a full set of modern features and an acceptable cost, due to direct cooperation with manufacturers. Optomedservice Plus regularly participates and wins tenders for the purchase of equipment by medical institutions. We have the latest medical equipment in the city of Nikolaev.

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