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Watch the crew explore in epic convoys

Patriot Games is back and this series is going to be bigger, more epic and way more badass than ever! Kicking off with a build that’s even bigger than the Megatourer, the PCOR Supertourer boys are getting the band back together to build the biggest overlanding vehicle they’ve ever tackled. From there Justin and Bobby take on the mighty Murray and race the Red Bull Dinghy Derby, but when the race weekend doesn’t go to plan the boys have to dig deep to complete one of the most dangerous races in the world.

With the gates of Arnhem Land unlocked the Patriot Campers convoy head to one of the most remote and spectacular locations in Australia to explore. With the whole family and some friends in a 6 car convoy the Megatourer and the Superam stretch their legs in the amazing Arnhem Land!

Justin and Tommy return to race the Finke Desert Race and the series finale takes Justin and Sarah to snowy Colorado with a few surprise guests!

Patriot Games will play on most devices that can connect to the Internet. Simply use the device browser and go to WWW.PATRIOTGAMES.COM.AU

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Justin’s reputation in the industry is notorious for the toys that he designs, manufacturers and then on the weekends — plays with. The controversy he creates when testing his own gear has done wonders for Patriot Campers’ success but in reality he is a family focused man who builds a high-quality product that people want.

Those that understand this unique perspective see Justin and the team at Patriot Campers as influencers and the long-standing relationships he has built up show sincere credibility and endorsement when building these big boy’s toys.

Sarah lives and breathes the Patriot Campers lifestyle, she’s even one of the sales team. Wherever Justin goes, no matter how crazy, Sarah’s there.

Sarah and Justin started Patriot Campers four years ago and every time she sells a trailer she brings someone else into the family. Passionate is an understatement!

The kids are an integral part of Patriot Games…and Patriot Campers.

Every school holidays the twins are in the workshop building custom trailers and helping out with massive builds like the Megatourer.

About Show

From Cape York to Moab the Patriot Campers crew know how to test their gear.

Season One of Patriot Games sees Justin Montesalvo, owner of Patriot Campers, leading a hunting, fishing and overlanding RnD trip to Cape York and the launch of Patriot Campers into the USA gives Justin the chance to test his trailers in the wild, red rocks of the Moab desert in Utah.

Tommy and Justin are invited by Polaris Australia to race one of the toughest offroad races in the world and the Patriot Campers team shows the world how to build a Megatourer!

Patriot Games is an action-packed reality series that focuses on the adventures and family touring of the proudly Australian Made Patriot Campers.

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