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Once you have the right ingredients, you need to know what to do with them. Our tailoring roots date back over 50 years, giving us the expertise required to create truly custom garments. We employ the world’s finest tailoring standards on every project and spare no expense on the process.

Our technique uses a combination of machine and hand work resulting in a pattern that is unique to each customer. Our shirt collars are tuned by hand, we use the finest horse hair canvassing in our jackets and we employ natural horn buttons on all tailored garments. These are just a few of the standards you will enjoy on your next Q custom garment.

While we love to help every customer in person, we understand that client schedules don’t always permit an in person appointment. We have developed what we believe to be a best in class hybrid between the digital world and the personal world. While our clothiers are always available to serve you on short notice, at our place or yours, we allow clients to allow customers to view, customize and order garments online.


Our innovative Quick Sizes platform allows new clients to order garments through a simple online process. Before, during, and after this process you will be assigned a real clothier that works in one of our locations to guide you as needed.

Our true custom process entails a visit to one of our well-appointment showrooms or at the convenience of your home or office. During this process one of our professional clothiers will guide you through all of the nuances of having a garment hand made to your every specification. Additionally, our clothiers are always prepared to visit clients at their home or office, providing the best service and convenience.

Designing a garment from scratch can be as simple or as intricate as the clients would like. Our truly custom process allows customers to be as detailed as they like and stamp each garment with personal touches and nuances to fit.

Since each garment is made one at a time, there is no limitation on the detail we can employ.


About Us

It all started in 2003 when we built our first brick and mortar shop. It was 1,000 square feet and all we sold was custom shirts. Our founder’s family had been in the tailoring business for over 50 years, and after a short stint in finance he decided to take on his family heritage.
At the time bringing custom tailoring to street level retail was innovative and novel, so we were successful from day one. As time has passed we have grown slowly but organically, meaning we have carved our own path.
We have added some amazing elements to our business over the years, Rye 51 (our casual counterpart, the capability to turn around a custom suit in 2 weeks when required, and an amazing platform that merges the world of online convenience with the in store experience.
Our ideology is based on the customer experience and fostering lasting relationships with our customers. Thus we feel we have created the perfect community where a guy can jump between the online and physical worlds seamlessly enjoying the best service around all the while.

In this project, we realized the development of a first-class store based on the E-Commerce platform of Shopify.


The code is clean and beautiful. We check every line of our code for its validity and purity. Clean and accessible code is the key to the long life of any project.


The project has been tested on all available platforms. The project cannot be considered completed until a deep QA analysis has been made.

Cross-browser compatibility

The project passed the test and was brought to the state of pixel perfect on all browsers on the Desktop and Mobile devices.

Mobile friendly

The project is fully adaptive and meets the highest standards of UX / UI. We test on real devices.



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