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Measuring a generous 42mm and outfitted with a duo of chronograph pushers framing the winding crown, the new Chrono makes its presence known on the wrist. Housed within the case is a super sporty dial with a unique configuration of subdials, turbines, and discs. At the center of the dial sits the chronograph hand mounted on a disc—push the pusher at 2 o’clock to start and stop it or press the pusher at 4 o’clock to reset it. The chronograph function is used in conjunction with the tachymeter scale running along the perimeter of the dial.

Because we’re all about variety, the ZINVO Chrono collection doesn’t just offer one or two new models, but rather, five distinct versions of our new chronograph. For those who enjoy all-black watches, there the CHRONO BLACK, whose 316L stainless steel case is coated in black PVD. It comes with a predominate black dial with just a few red and white accents along with a classic black leather strap. Following up our recent flurry of new models, Blade Fusion is now here. Aptly named, the Fusion brings together rose gold and gray details in one of our most refined, yet utterly modern watches yet. Boasting a precious rose gold plated case, this warm gold color speaks to the most fashionable of men. Subtler than yellow gold and more lavish than stainless steel, rose gold offers a touch of lavishness. Housed within the rose gold case of the new Blade Fusion watch is a revamped version of our famous patent-pending spinning dial. Rather than the blade disc that moves once every section that were on preceding Blade models, the newest versions of Blade includes precision-cut titanium blades. On the Fusion, we opted for black metal blades outlined in gold to perfectly match the case. The rotating blades sit on a sleek slate gray dial—a color that extends to the chapter dial with the signature carved out hour-markers. Plus, to tie everything together, there are the white-tipped center hands extending outside of the blades perimeter.



ZINVO is luxury brand that delivers stunning automatic and chronographic watches. Our goal is simple — to rethink watches with something new and uniquely inspired. Made with sleek modern designs, high-quality watch movements, best-in-class materials, and affordable price points, ZINVO timepieces are sensible statements of style. Our signature BLADE collection features a patent-pending design, strapping onto your wrist a one-of-a-kind look inspired by a jet turbine. The BLADE became an international phenomenon within its first year, allowing fashion-forward and fast-paced individuals in more than 40 countries to sport this uniquely resonating look. Much like our watches do, we at ZINVO are embracing the momentum and constantly pushing forward. We’re committed to continuously innovating new timepieces that will exude high-impact aesthetic qualities while being grounded by reliable watch movement technology. And that is the ZINVO promise.

In this project, we realized the development of a first-class store based on the E-Commerce platform of Shopify.


The code is clean and beautiful. We check every line of our code for its validity and purity. Clean and accessible code is the key to the long life of any project.


The project has been tested on all available platforms. The project cannot be considered completed until a deep QA analysis has been made.

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The project is fully adaptive and meets the highest standards of UX / UI. We test on real devices.





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