BlogList of Shopify pages available for custom styles

List of Shopify pages available for custom styles

Shopify is a multifunctional and powerful ecommerce tool. While working on the Shopify project, many designers, developers, as well as customers don't know which list of pages is required for this CMS. To your attention we offer a short guide to a complete list of pages for a Shopify based project.

Pages are divided into mandatory to development and not mandatory. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that some of the pages are closed for making changes, whether logical or stylistic.

Pay attention to the list of pages below, we provide you with the name of the liquid document that is responsible for a particular page.



  • Home page (index.liquid)
  • 404 (404.liquid)
  • Password (password.liquid)

Account pages

  • Account Details (account.liquid)
  • Addresses (addresses.liquid)
  • Order page (order.liquid)
  • Reset password page (reset_password.liquid)
  • Login (login.liquid)
  • Register (register.liquid)


  • Product (product.liquid)
  • Collection (collection.liquid)
  • Search (search.liquid)
  • Cart (cart.liquid)
  • Checkout SHOPIFY+ ONLY (or styling through global settings)
  • Collections list (list_collection.liquid)
  • Minicart (if provided by the customer)

Text pages

  • Tips & Care (
  • Privacy Policy (page.privacy.liquid)
  • Term & Conditions (page.terms.liquid)
  • Shipping & Return Policy (page.shipping.liquid)

Company pages

  • Contact Us (
  • FAQ (page.faq.liquid)
  • About Us (

Blog pages

  • Blog (blog.liquid)
  • Single Blog Post (article.liquid)

Recharge (Provided if it is used in a store)

  • Subscriptions page
  • Edit Subscription page
  • Billing information page
  • Purchase history
  • Order page
  • Cancel page
  • Addresses edit

P.S. If you still have questions, contact us and we will guide you through the thorns to the stars.

UTD development team