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How does Brauer Industries AOP work – in short:

The combination of dissolved ozone with UV light creates AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). This forms the most reactive agents known to chemistry. AOP has even more oxidation potential than ozone or any other oxidising agent. So much so that where normal oxidising agents fail AOP prevails, the power of the whole system is increased; creating the synergy of AOP. OP can enhance water quality second to none, and was traditionally not affordable due to high capital costs; until now. The combination of Ozone and UV effectively destroys all the organic proteinaceous material which is the basic food material for bacterial and fungi which will not multiply. Further this combination effectively destroys virus. The AOP + Chlorine will ensure that Cryptosporidium are also destroyed faster than Ozone alone. Brauer Industries AOP systems enhance water quality second to none to ensure council water regulations. The combination of Ozone and UV-C effectively destroys organic material which is the basic food for bacteria and fungi, The AOP will also effectively kill chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and more importantly, lower combined chlorine levels.

Brauer Industries provide expert advice and service to get your pool basics right with class leading range of primary sanitation solutions. Brauer Industries are the experts when it comes to commercial pool water quality solutions. Speak to a Brauer Industries specialist commercial pool consultant today to save time, save money and keep your bathers and staff happy and healthy. The HYDROGUARD® HG-302 TurbiPlus® online water quality analyzer combines accurate turbidity and colorimetric free and/or total chlorine measurements. Turbidity is measured in the colorimeter on the very same water sample as the chlorine for highest precision and control and for reduced maintenance. This device brings the accuracy of the lab test to commercial and residential swimming pool water monitoring and control. It can handle challenging conditions, such as sea water and thermal pools. Automated accuracy reduces chemical overdosing, assuring environmental and personal safety according to local regulations.


Ozone is produced when air is passed over a dielectric ozone generating module. triogen® O3 incorporates the patented ‘Free Tube’ module design which gives excellent dielectric reliability and decreases maintenance requirements. The ozone modules have a PVC outer body fitted with stainless steel liner tubes to give long term resistance to chlorinated water allowing pool water to be used in the generator cooling system. The dielectric tubes and electrodes are suspended within the liner tubes which removes all expansion stresses from the dielectrics which results in maximum reliability and long life.

All triogen® O3 models supplied with automatic ozone output variation and easy to operate electrical controls. The system operates under vacuum conditions created by a water driven venturi ensuring maximum safety in operation.

Safely lower free chlorine residual with effective disinfection including chlorine resistant micro-organisms
Chloramine destruction reducing skin, eye and respiratory irritation
Significant improvement in water clarity and air quality
Improves algae control
Savings in water, energy and chemical consumption
Low capital and installation costs with minimal service and plant room space required

triogen® UV CF offers a high performance UV system for commercial pools, spas and water features with a range of options to meet operator budget, capabilities and needs. These certified systems provide advanced lamp and vessel efficiency with automatic and energy saving features for disinfection and improved water quality.

About Us

Brauer Industries was established in 2004 and is now one of Australia’s leading distributors of a range of products for water sanitation and air purification for both commercial and residential applications. Brauer Industries also owns Ozone 1, its manufacturing affiliate, which produces a range of patented ozone-based products. Brauer Industries and Ozone 1 are Australian owned and have operated from the same Queensland premise for 12 years. Brauer Industries is fast becoming the innovative market leader in the provision of safe, environmentally responsible solutions that will decrease your dependence on harmful chemical alternatives. With help from an active team of associates, distributors, and a skilled and respectful support staff, Brauer Industries is committed to revolutionizing and improving the standard of air and water treatment across the country. Our products are endorsed by Swim Australia and are used at many iconic locations including Laurie Lawrence’s Swim Schools, Dreamworld, Q1 Resort & Spa and Palazzo Versace.

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