Box King: Gift Bundle Builder

Box King: Gift Bundle Builder

Box King: Gift Bundle Builder Shopify app by UTD


The app is designed to boost sales and enhance revenue for stores by implementing various strategic tools. It focuses on increasing the sales of goods through both hidden and open funnels. Store administrators can stimulate spontaneous purchases by deploying promotions and utilizing pre-created boxes containing profitable items. The app facilitates additional sales by offering related products and services, allowing administrators to strategically bundle goods for maximum profitability. Bundles of goods, or “bundles,” provide an opportunity for supplementary sales, influencing users to make unexpected purchases or buy complementary items alongside their main product. The app also empowers administrators with the ability to implement discounts, promotions, and gifts in the form of zero-priced items, serving as an effective incentive for customers to make larger purchases in a single transaction. Furthermore, the app aids in managing inventory by enabling stores to liquidate leftover goods through the sale of non-liquid items included in pre-created boxes and bundles

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